From innovations 2 solutions b 300The terahertz (THz) frequency range has long been considered as the last frontier within the electromagnetic spectrum. Optoelectronic systems have successfully paved the way for the broader utilization of this increasingly important spectral range. The full potential of THz metrology for the investigation of microstructures and devices (much smaller than the THz wavelength) is now retrievable by THz microprobe technology.

High-resolution THz near-field detection

Transmission wTB2

Spatial resolution: up to λ/1000.

Our technical expertise has been developed in over 17 years of THz research at the RWTH Aachen University and AMO GmbH. Protemics has exclusively licensed several patents covering the IP of the core technology and is continuously extending its patent portfolio.

Working areas
  • THz imaging system development and fabrication
  • Design development for
    • THz systems
    • THz microprobe devices
    • THz radiation emitters
    • THz radiation detectors
    • Optical components
    • Mechanical components
  • Fabrication process development of
    • Semiconductor-based THz microprobe devices
  • THz device fabrication in a
    • State-of-the-art clean-room facility
  • THz device testing
  • THz technology application development
  • THz measurement studies