Microprobe cantilever design:

BF-Tip region

The TeraSpike TD-1550-Y-BF is a microprobe emitter based on patent pending design (DE 10 2013 020 216.7) for the bias-free surface-near excitation of Terahertz pulses on planar waveguides, metallic surfaces or meta-materials. The optically generated THz field is polarized in y-direction.

Application example:

Sltn 500 BF

Configuration: THz pulse generation on a thin-film microstrip line using the bias-free TeraSpike emitter microprobe. For on-chip contact-free THz field detection a second TeraSpike probe from the TD-800-X or Z series can be applied. 


cross-section 500

THz Emission scheme: THz pulse generation is based on optical excitation of the InGaAs micro-cantilever surface. Placing the excited tip close to a conductive structure or surface allows efficient capacitive coupling and pulse transmission.


Technical specifications:

Type TD-1550-Y-BF
 Excitation wavelength 700 .. 1600 nm
 Average excitation power 0.1 .. 4 mW
 Emission bandwidth (for 90 fs pulse excitation) > 2.5 THz


Each probe is individually tested and comes with manual and test certificate. For more information please refer to our product brochure (2 MB PDF-file) and take a look into our FAQ section.