Sheetres-top solarpet2

Through contactless transmission measurements the TeraSpike microprobe is giving you direct access to the sheet resistance information of thin-film conductors at micron-scale resolution. This new technology provides considerably higher resolution than any other contactless method on the market being applicable to measurements of large-scale areas (as for example: Eddy-current, or microwave-based systems).



Analysis and inspection of:

  • Transparent conductors based on ITO or emerging non-ITO materials as used for
    • Flexible or curved touch sensors and displays
    • OLEDs
    • (Thin-film) solar cell
    • Smart windows
    • EM shielding
  • Semiconductor doping layers
  • Metal-mesh layers
  • Silver nanowire coatings
  • Flexible electronics
  • Graphene inspection
  • Thin-film metals


 Key features
  • Contact-free
  • Non-destructive & non-invasive
  • High speed: up to 5ms/pixel
  • High spatial resolution: up to 3 µm
  • Registration of slit defects of nm-scale width
  • Wide measurement range 1 – 2000 Ω/□
  • Applicable to layers buried under isolators
  • Applicable on flat, curved or rough surfaces (insensitive to optical scattering)
  • No parasitic sensitivity to carrier lifetime variations


Measurement examples:

Graphene Display 3D samsung techwin 600

Graphene in spection example: Sheet conductivity image measured at a structured graphene on PET foil sample. Data publication with kind permission of SAMSUNG TECHWIN. 



Sheet resistance image measured at a 6"-diameter metal-mesh on glass wafer featuring sub-micrometer-wide metal lines. Data publication with kind permission of Rolith Inc.

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