TeraSpike near-field probes are used under different excitation conditions. Some configurations might generate THz modes which are able to propagate along the internal electrodes of the probe-tip. So far, these modes were observed in terms of reflection signals in the recorded time-domain transients.

Protemics has developed a new patent pending design* called “wavetrap” which is effectively slowing down and absorbing such probe-internal THz signal transmission.

WT Data2

Tip designs

WT Designs

The WT-option is currently available for the following x- and z-field sensitive TeraSpike probes:

  • TeraSpike TD-800-X-HR-WT
  • TeraSpike TD-800-Z-WT
  • TeraSpike TD-800-X-HR-WT-XR
  • TeraSpike TD-800-Z-WT-XR

 If you are interested in an WT-option for other TeraSpike models, please contact us.


*German patent application DE 10 2014 015 516.1