SHG Unit 500

The new SHG-Unit from Protemics is an easy to operate optical module and very efficient solution to convert IR light from cost-efficient femtosecond fiber-lasers into NIR light for the high-efficiency excitation of our LT-GaAs-based TeraSpike microprobes and TeraBlast emitters.

Key benefits:
  • Recommended for TeraSpike microprobe operation with IR femtosecond lasers
  • High power conversion efficiency SHG module
  • Passive and robust design
  • Short warm-up time(10-15 min)
  • Can be configured for free-space (-FS) or fiber-coupled input beams (-FC)
  • Easy to use and integrate

SHG Unit scheme

Technical specifications:
Type SHG-Unit TD-1550-NLO (-FS/-FC)
 Input wavelength range 1500 .. 1600 nm
 Typ. average input power range 30 .. 200 mW
Typ. power conversion efficiency (a) 10 .. 50% (a)
Min. aperture diameter ca. 10 mm
Dimension (l x d) 120 mm x 45 mm


For more information please refer to our product brochure (2 MB PDF-file) or contact us.