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Spaceship squareProtemics GmbH is a privately held spin-off of the research company AMO GmbH and the Institute of Semiconductor Electronics (RWTH Aachen University) with a back-ground of two decades in Terahertz technology research.

Protemics incorporates an interdisciplinary team of specialists in Terahertz technology, semiconductor processing, optoelectronic system and software design, application engineering and business development.

Our products and services are based on pioneering technologies in the range of ultra-fast photoconductive Terahertz microprobe devices for non-destructive testing applications. We stand for innovative custom oriented products and services with world-leading performance offered in short turnaround time.

Our mission is:

"To provide the most innovative and powerful measurement solutions based on Terahertz microprobe technology for current and future applications."

Protemics has in-house access to a 400 m2 cleanroom facility for semiconductor device fabrication and analytic inspection. THz measurement services as well as system and product tests are conducted in our optical laboratory.