Sub-system D-B2 is a vertical breadboard platform holding the core module D-B1 as well as further beam guiding components. It is offering enough space for additional components such as a CCD camera for probe-tip monitoring or a distance sensor for the sampling of profiled or tilted sample surfaces.

  • Motherboard including sub-system D-B1 in customized height
  • Assembly brackets
  • 2 alignment apertures
  • 2 tilt mirrors
  • Extendable with further components such as CCD camera and distance sensor
Optional extension:
  • Sub-D-B2-CAM: Integrated CCD microscope camera system with variable illumination for monitoring of probe-tip to sample surface approximation and sample positioning 

dual light cam extension sample image 300Exemplary CCD camera image of a TeraSpike microprobe tip above sample microstructure.