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"Enabling the most efficient and immediate use of our Terahertz microprobe technology for our customers".

No matter whether you need a short-term investigation of your samples, looking for the right product solution for your specific application or would like to find out whether the Terahertz microprobe technology can solve your analysis problem: We are happy to help you!


Our services include:

In-house analytic services covering the application ranges:

as well as

  • Technology consulting
  • Feasibility studies
  • Custom microprobe technology development and fabrication
  • On-site installation support
  • Training courses
  • Component repair and maintenance services

Every analytic service is accompanied by:

  • Discussion of the measurement problem
  • Definition of target parameters and required measurement order volume
  • Definition of service measurement time-frame
  • Data analysis and result report 
  • Discussion of measurement results

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In the following our main application areas are introduced together with selected examples.


short22222 TDR blue-600-242


Key features
  • Highest-resolution through sub-ps pulse rise time at DUT
  • Contact-less, non-invasive technology
  • Near-field imaging modalities for improved fault localization
  • 10x higher spatial resolution compared to all-electronic systems
  • Demonstrated defect localization accuracy of +-0.55 µm


The steadily growing complexity of integrated-circuit (IC) technology—for example, emerging 3D through-silicon-via (3D-TSV) technology—is pushing existing inspection and fault-analysis tools to their limits. Among the nondestructive methods, time-domain reflectometry (TDR) is considered to be an exceptionally fast method for fault detection in electronic packages: A short electromagnetic pulse is coupled into a device under test (DUT). Every discontinuity along the transmission path within the DUT causes a part of the test signal to be reflected. By monitoring these reflections in the time domain, it is possible to detect structural defects and distinguish functional from defective structures. The spatial resolution of this approach is limited by the rise time of the test signal - the shorter the rise time, the better the resolution.

However, standard TDR systems are generally based on all-electronic components which is the reason why the test signal rise time is not shorter than 10 ps and the corresponding spatial resolution is typically around 250 µm. Protemics´ optoelectronic technology based on femtosecond laser technology together with ultra-fast TeraSpike microprobes has enabled a dramatic increase in TDR-performance.

Protemics is offering service measurements as well as technology development services.

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Sheetres-top solarpet2

Through contactless transmission measurements the TeraSpike microprobe is giving you direct access to the sheet resistance information of thin-film conductors at micron-scale resolution. This new technology provides considerably higher resolution than any other contactless method on the market being applicable to measurements of large-scale areas (as for example: Eddy-current, or microwave-based systems).



Analysis and inspection of:

  • Transparent conductors based on ITO or emerging non-ITO materials as used for
    • Flexible or curved touch sensors and displays
    • OLEDs
    • (Thin-film) solar cell
    • Smart windows
    • EM shielding
  • Semiconductor doping layers
  • Metal-mesh layers
  • Silver nanowire coatings
  • Flexible electronics
  • Graphene inspection
  • Thin-film metals


 Key features
  • Contact-free
  • Non-destructive & non-invasive
  • High speed: up to 5ms/pixel
  • High spatial resolution: up to 3 µm
  • Registration of slit defects of nm-scale width
  • Wide measurement range 1 – 2000 Ω/□
  • Applicable to layers buried under isolators
  • Applicable on flat, curved or rough surfaces (insensitive to optical scattering)
  • No parasitic sensitivity to carrier lifetime variations


Measurement examples:

Graphene Display 3D samsung techwin 600

Graphene in spection example: Sheet conductivity image measured at a structured graphene on PET foil sample. Data publication with kind permission of SAMSUNG TECHWIN. 



Sheet resistance image measured at a 6"-diameter metal-mesh on glass wafer featuring sub-micrometer-wide metal lines. Data publication with kind permission of Rolith Inc.

Protemics is offering measurement services, conduction of reseach studies as well as technology development services.

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metamaterial sensor 600

Example plots of the THz near-field destribution measured at a metamaterial surface for sensing applications which is locally loaded with sample material. Left: Peak excitation state, right: 2 ps after excitation.

Our microprobe technology enables the time-domain monitoring of terahertz range electric fields in immeadiate vicinity of a sample surface with sub-wavelength spatial and sub-ps temporal resolution.

See a technical presentation from the field of metamaterials for sensing applications here:



THz near-field measurements at:

  • Metamaterials
  • Plasmonic structures
  • Passive devices: resonators, antennas etc.
  • Emitters
  • Waveguides
  • Sensor surfaces 
Accessible measurement parameters
  • Field amplitude
  • Field phase
  • Sampling position in 3-dimensions
  • Direction of field polarisation in 3-dimensions (using microprobes from the X- and Z-series)
  • Time (or frequency-domain via FFT) 

Protemics is offering in-house measurement services at customer samples, research studies as well as technology development services.

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NFWG plots-Lens

TeraSpike microprobes are the ideal solutions for spatially resolved measurements of guided THz modes on planar metal or dielectric fiber waveguides. Thanks to their slim micro-scale design field sampling is done with exceptionally low invasiveness. In addition, the photoconductive field detection provides typically 2-3 orders of magnitude higher sensitivity in comparison to electrooptive probes. 

  • Determination of propagation parameter (Attenuation, Dispersion)
  • Imaging of guided mode profiles
  • Electromagnetic compatibility measurements
  • Measurement of radiation patterns
  • and others... 

Protemics is offering in-house measurement services at customer samples, research studies as well as technology development services.

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