Microprobe cantilever design: 

z series design 16

Technical specifications: 
Type N A-500G
 Max. spatial resolution 8µm 8µm
 Photo-switch gap size 2µm 5µm
 Dark current @ 1 V Bias < 0.4 nA < 0.4 nA
 Photocurrent @ 1 V Bias >0.1 µA > 0.2 μA
 Excitation wavelength 700 .. 860 nm 700 .. 860 nm
 Average excitation power 0.1 .. 4 mW 0.1 .. 4 mW
 Connection type SMP SMP


Z-series microprobes are sensitive to THz field components oriented in longitudinal direction to the probe-tip axis as defined by the z-axis direction in the upper illustration. The N-option does not include a resonant antenna element and provides a somewhat higher bandwidth. The A-500G-option includes an antenna element for enhanced sensitivity around 0.5THz.  

Each probe is individually tested and comes with a manual & test certificate. For further information please take a look at our brochure (PDF file, 2 MB) and FAQ section.