Microprobe cantilever design:


x series designs HR HRS 670

The microprobes from the new 1550-X-series are our first probes which can be directly sampled by telecom-wavelength (1500 .. 1600 nm) laser pulses. They are sensitive to electric vector field-components oriented in transversal direction to the probe-tip axis as defined by the x-axis direction in the upper illustration. The model TD-1550-X-HR-WT offers good spatial resolution and clean spectral response due to our patent-pending internal absorber ("wave-trap") structures. The model TD-1550-X-HR-WT-XR provides increased mechanical robustness with only moderate loss of spatial resolution and sensitivity. It is designed for rougher applications e.g. where the sample distance is more difficult to control.

Technical specifications:
 Max. spatial resolution 40 µm (20 µm(#)) 80 µm
 Photo-switch gap size  1.5 µm 1.5 µm
 Dark current @ 1 V Bias < 4.5 µA  < 4.5 µA
 Photocurrent @ 1 V Bias > 12 µA (*) > 12 µA (*)
 Excitation wavelength 1500 .. 1600 nm
 Average excitation power  1.5 .. 3.5 mW
 Connection type SMP

 (*) For a focus diameter of circa 20 µm, bias voltage 1 V , average optical excitation power 3 mW.
(#) For front-switch instead of main-switch excitation. Front-switch excitation mode is showing reduced SNR.

Each probe is individually tested and comes with manual and test certificate. For more information please refer to our product brochure (2 MB PDF-file) and take a look into our FAQ section.