TeraSpike Top box 3

Photoconductive THz devices

The microprobe series TeraSpike is the new generation of high-performance microprobes for the photo-conductive detection of electric fields in the THz frequency range. Surface-near electric THz fields can now be measured with unprecedented signal quality and low invasiveness. The microprobes seamlessly fit into systems with optical excitation wavelengths below 860 nm and are the most cost-efficient solution to turn an existing time-domain pump/probe-system into a powerful THz near-field system for high-resolution imaging.

Key features
  • Smallest active THz probe-tip on the market
  • Patented design
  • Spatial resolution up to 3 µm
  • Frequency range 0-4 THz
  • Adaptable to all laser-based THz-Systems with λ < 860 nm
  • Mounting compatible with standard opto-mechanical components
  • Typical optical excitation power 1-5 mW (1-5 µJ/cm²)
  • Integrated overvoltage protection circuit

In addition to custom-specific microprobes (please inquire) the following standard models are offered for pulsed excitation:

Electrical connection is done through a compact coaxial SMP plug. We recommend the use of a low-noise current amplifier with 107-108 V/A amplification (e.g. DLPCA200) and high-grade connection cables (e.g. our TS Cable) for optimum operation.